Sometimes Working Out Just SUCKS


Sometimes Working Out Just SUCKS

It can be so hard mustering up the motivation to workout some days and some days I just have to eat a donut, but for the most part I stick to my routine pretty well. I'm asked all the time how I have such self control and motivation. Usually the question is rhetorical so I don't actually answer them.  But I'm sure that some people want advice so here ya go! How I stick to working out and eating healthy

#1. I do workouts that I want to do.

I may stick to a schedule to a degree, but if I'm having a day where I don’t feel like working legs (for me they are the hardest to work) then I do something else and I tell the world “hey you’re lucky I'm doing anything at all”.

#2. I started looking at myself more positively.

Instead of picking myself apart and then feeling like I wasn’t exercising enough or that it wasn’t working, I started telling myself “hey you look pretty good for 34”.  Yeah I have some cellulite but oh well…I'm healthy and doing the best that I can!

#3. I started allowing myself to cheat a little more

without it being such a big deal, so I felt like I was not so restricted and ONLY working out and eating healthy. I eat rather healthy most of the time, workout and  then let myself eat like crap sometimes too.  

#4. Look at before and after pictures.

That may be the most motivating thing that you can do.  It makes me never EVER want to go back to the unhealthy person that I was before I started caring about my health.  When I was younger in my 20s, I ate like crap, I was a smoker and I didn’t workout.  At 21 my cholesterol was 211 (you want it below 200).  Granted some of that is hereditary, but most of it was me not caring enough about myself or my health.  So every once in a while I like looking back and those pictures and thinking about how much better I feel now.

#5. Go shopping.

  Seriously.  When you lose weight and get to your goal…go buy clothes!  Why ? Because..well its shopping and shopping is fun.  Its even more fun when you feel good looking at yourself in those smaller sizes and its more enjoyable and boosts your self esteem.  You also don’t want to waste all of that money that you spent on new clothes that you love and that make you feel good just to push them to the back of your closet and pull out your bigger jeans right?!?!?!


Those are the things that I do to motivate myself to sticking with exercise and eating healthy.  Now a healthy lifestyle is one of my greatest passions.

I also wanted to throw out some really good tips that I found from other bloggers...

Check out the article 5 Rules to Build an Indestructible Foundation of Training by John Clark...My favorite one is accountability. He says "If you’re not holding yourself accountable, then you’re just worrying about the small walls and ignoring the massive crack in your training foundation".  So true...

I also found an article on the Born Fitness blog by Adam Bornstein .  Its called "The Diet Book No One Will Write (So I’m Sharing It For Free)".  He talks about how diets and exercise have become over complicated and that is one of the reasons people don't stick to them.  He lists some things that may favorite is "Embrace imperfection, with diet, exercise, and even your appearance. It’s OK. You’re human. Bad days happen. -Repeat often. -"

One of my favorite bloggers is The Hungry Runner Girl.  She's hilarious and her blog is awesome.  She had a really good tip on how to motivate yourself to workout on those days that you just flat out don't want to.  She calls it "don’t even think about it...". She says "Think of everything else in the world and just get to the treadmill/track/roads and start without thinking about it".  Awesome advice!

I hope some of this advice helps someone out there!


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