• The Body Sport Balance Disc Pro creates more instability than the standard Balance Disc, so it's perfect for more advanced balance disc users. Width: 17.5". Maximum weight: 300 lbs. Includes instruction manual. Requires pump inflation. Body Sport Balance Disc Pro - 17.5" - Blue
  • Eco-friendly exercise ball is 6P-free, latex-free and lead-free. Effective tool for targeting core muscles essential for stability and good posture. Anti-burst construction. Available in multiple sizes to accommodate various heights. Color: black
  • The Body Sport Fusion Ball is perfect for all your workout needs. This mini fitness ball measures 7.5" x 10" and can be used under the head, neck, or feet for a variety of exercises like crunches, isometrics and more. 7 ½" 10" mini fitness ball Inflates with straw (included) Ideal for isometrics, abdominal work and many other exercises Blue

  • BodySport Wall Ball

  • The Body Sport Weighted Jump Rope features ball bearings which provide a smooth, evenly distributed rotation. The padded, comfortable handles both have a removable rod which can be removed to decrease the weight. These jump ropes are available in 2 sizes, 1 lb. and 2 lb. The 1 lb. weighted jump rope has a 0.5 lb. rod in each handle, and the 2 lb. rope has a 1 lb. rod in each handle. Weighted Ropes Features Features ball bearings for smooth, even rotation. Comfortable padded handles. Removable rod in each handle, for variable workout levels. The 1 lb. weighted jump rope has 1/2 lb. in each handle; the 2 lb. skip rope has 1 lb. in each handle.

  • Double Grip Medicine Ball

    • Builds strength and endurance by isolating muscles.
    • Strengthens core.
    • Substitutes kettlebell workouts.
    • Great for performing rotational abdominal exercises and increasing the challenge of strength and conditioning routines.
    • Made of hard-molded PVC with filler.
  • Exercise Bands

    • Available in 2 color-coded resistance levels
    • 2" wide, 12" long
    • Fit comfortably around the upper and lower legs
    • Great for exercising hip and leg muscles
    • Contain latex
  • Foam Roller


    Develop core stabilization, lower body balance and stamina with the High Density Foam Roller. Its sturdy and resilient, with the high density molded foam retaining its shape even after heavy use. This ultra-rigid roller can be used for gentle stretching, trigger point therapy and self-mobilization of the spine and joints. The High Density Foam Roller is available in either full or half rollers in either 12 or 36 lengths. High Density Foam Rollers Features The high-density molded foam technology retains shape after heavy use. Ultra-rigid to help achieve optimal fitness results. High-density roller lasts longer than traditional foam rollers do; built to hold up to the most rigorous and demanding roller applications and rehab or training exercises.

  • Medicine Ball


    The Body Sport Medicine Balls offer you a complete workout for your core and your torso, two of the most crucial areas in the human muscular system. These Medicine Balls are ideal for any sport or workout goal, combining strength training, cardio, flexibility, and dynamic muscle training in one workout. Durable, rubber ball features a textured surface for improved grip Bounces off hard surfaces Ideal for developing core strength and improving coordination, balance and endurance Designed for all fitness levels Includes illustrated exercise guide Contains latex