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Meet Brandy

Hello!  Thank you so much for checking out Fitnique.  I created Fitnique because I am a huge advocate for strength training for women and I wanted to find a way to share that with others.  Why do I love strength training so much?  It’s easier on your bones and joints than high impact cardio workouts and you get great results and way faster than doing the treadmill 45 mins a day 5 days a week!

Years ago I was very out of shape and trying to develop a healthier lifestyle.  I was doing everything right but results were not happening.  I was getting so frustrated and discouraged that it started breaking down my motivation and I almost quit all together.  After some major persuasion from my husband I decided to try strength training.  I was hesitant because like so many women, I was afraid that I would get bulky and I wanted to be slim.  I tried it anyway and it was the best decision I could have made!

After just 2 months I lost 20 pounds, dropped 4 dress sizes and had more endurance than I’d ever had.  I became obsessed with working out and thrived on feeling strong AND sexy.  To me there is nothing sexier than a sculpted back, tone legs and amazing abs.  As you can see from my picture I am not bulky at all.  I am a size 2, petite and strong.

Give my training a try and I promise you will feel amazing!