Just balance-“Oh sure no problem” says NOBODY


Just balance-“Oh sure no problem” says NOBODY

So everyone says “the key to life is balance” or “I just try to find a balance”.  Yeah most of those people don’t have nearly as many things on their plate as others.  I used to be one… thats how I know. 

I don’t have kids so I used to have all of the time in the world.  I would just tell people, “you just have to make the time for yourself” blah blah blah.  Well now I’m working full time at the hospital PLUS overtime every week to pay for some unexpected bills AND running a business AND maintaining my home AND hoping that I have some time for myself and my loved ones.  So yeah, now I know how some other people feel.  And I don’t even have children…well not human children.

A lot of things that you find on the internet say to meditate and reflect and do yoga.  Um, ok if I had the time to do that I wouldn’t be researching how to balance things in my life!  So finally I just did my own thing.  Now being Type A it had to be organized of course.

I made a list of everything in my life that I needed or wanted to accomplish in a month.  My list consisted of things like clean, do research for Fitnique, spend time with friends without my face in my computer, work, work overtime, workout, cook a nice meal, do the laundry, brush the dogs, wash the car, do something for myself: home facial peel (I used to do it weekly), call parents and grandparents to check in, finish book, go to the grocery store.  Then I added things that aren’t monthly but just events for this particular month ex. dinners, meetings, appointments or birthdays etc.

There are people out there that have a lot more on their plate than I do and also have children and other people to worry about —You need this technique more than anyone!  I did this project one night before bed…it took about 30 mins.

So here’s what I did.  I made a quick list template in a spreadsheet (took 15 seconds plus printing time)  On the template I put my task list on one side and put how much time I wanted to allocate to that particular task on the other side.  (I’ve attached a copy of the template)

So I had my list, I had my current calendar and I had my printed blank calendar(took 1.5 mins to find and print). I printed all of this because I’m the type of person that likes something tangible, but if you like things online more power to ya.

First I looked at the things that I couldn’t change like my work schedule or appointments etc. I added those to my blank calendar and crossed them off of my list.

Then I began to look at the items on my list that were the most time consuming and most important for that month.  I started plugging them into my calendar one by one.  I also allocated some things to Ryan which you can do right?!

By the time I was done I had everything plugged into my calendar and I had blank spaces to allow for unexpected events or tasks that went longer than expected.

For that month I just followed that calendar to a T (still currently following it and almost done) and its working great.  I feel more in control because I don’t have to worry about not completing things because I know theres a time and place for it.  I feel like I have more time for myself, my home, my husband, my friends and our business.

You don’t have to use my template or a printable calendar, thats just what works for me.

The key to this working is that you 1) TAKE the 30 mins to do it, 2) follow the plan for at least one month and adjust future months what you feel works better for you (which so far I haven’t needed to do but I”ll keep you posted) 3) Include all aspects of your life including time for yourself.”To be the best version of yourself for others,  you have to be the best version of yourself for you” Yep thats a quote I made up myself.

I hope this works for some of you. I’ve attached the template and my personal version so you could see exactly what it looks like.  Pardon my handwriting!  If you have comments on how to make this better I’d love to hear from you!

Balancing Task List

My Balance Experiment

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