5 Tips For Staying Fit During The Holidays

5 Tips to Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Ah  yes, it’s that time of year.  That bitter sweet season responsible for that unnecessary test of our self control.  Why is everything good so bad?!

Why can’t the delicious combination of sugar, flour and cinnamon shaped into perfect little gentlemen shred the fat?  That is the question that most of us will want the answer to at some point in our lives.  But fact is, regardless of how cruel it is, most foods we consume around the holidays are not our friends.

I love food…I live to eat, I don’t eat to live…I’ve said that a million times, BUT I also want to look and feel healthy.  It is possible to keep the weight off and still eat and enjoy the holidays!  Here are some tips.


First of all, don’t deprive yourself completely…that never gets anyone anywhere.  Treat yourself here and there, especially if you have maintained your workout routine and haven’t let the holidays take over your life! With that being said empower yourself to make smarter decisions.  Maybe you want 4 cookies, but instead of 4, just eat 1/2 a cookie.  You would be surprised how much satisfaction that little food devil on your shoulder will get from just a small taste of something you’re craving.


This one may be the hardest for many people and it definitely is for me…portions.  We don’t need a plate so full that you can’t even see the plate anymore and then hobble back to the buffet line for seconds.  Instead, get a small portion of multiple items and make sure you include a salad or veggies of some sort to start with.  Skip the seconds and save room for the next tip…..


You’re planning on a big shopping day and you know you’ll be out burning all of those calories walking around stores and shops–you WILL get hungry.  We all like to eat when we shop, especially when all of the wrong things are shoved in our faces around this time of year.  Don’t leave your hunger to chance because more than likely you will pick something quick and unhealthy or find yourself eating a box of cookies in the checkout line.  Instead, bring your own healthy snacks with you.  Pack an insulated tote with apples, nuts a healthy wrap or even a protein shake.


Now it’s the first of 3 thousand holiday parties you’re going to attend over the next 3 weeks.  Food and drinks everywhere but ironically you want to fit into your most amazing tight black dress.  So how do you do this?  You cheat.  How?  Make your own appetizers…healthy appetizers that you can eat before heading out.  Veggies, fruit, even a mini sandwich with a good protein.  Don’t arrive to the party starving, arrive ready to have a few snacks maybe a low cal drink and not gain 5 lbs because you ate your entire days worth of calories before you were even greeted by the host.


Dessert.  Yes, you can still have dessert.  Nobody is going to take the pie that’s left on your plate and physically make you eat it…only you can control how much you eat.  When it comes to dessert, it’s unnecessary but possibly the part of the meal that gives you the closure needed to allow your stomach to finally leave you alone and admit that it’s full.  So take 2-3 small bites…savor the moment and move on knowing you will be at another party tomorrow doing the same thing.


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